Deb Plowman for U.S. Senate

Debra Plowman

Debra Plowman lives in Hampden, Maine with her husband David and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. A wife, mother, business owner and State Senator, Deb has the unique experiences which help her relate to all Mainers. Her passion for a strong economy for Maine was driven by the desire that her children be able to live AND work in Maine. Deb and her husband Dave own PDQ Door which they started in 1995 with 4 employees. Today PDQ Door has grown to employ 50 people in 6 locations. Deb knows first hand what is takes to create jobs. She does not just talk about it—she has done it. Deb's knowledge of the problems Maine's parents, their children, businesses and employees confront comes from real life experience.